Improv in Practice

How a 'yes, and...' mindset made us the heroes at a private concert. 

My band was hired to provide the entertainment at a birthday party. Yes, we were all double vaxxed and yes, it was outside, and yes, we maintained…

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That Person in the Front Row! 

You know that person. You’re performing your heart out and all you can see is that one person, usually head down, likely looking at their phone, apparently lost in their own world,  not paying attention to you. 

Distracted. Disinterested. Disengaged. 

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Why I Busk...

The first year I got a busker’s license, I never used it. “What if I meet someone who knows me?” “What would people think?” “Isn’t it like begging?” “What if no one stops to listen?” “How much money could

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Telling our story...

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to see B.B. King at his blues club in Orlando. I was doubly fortunate enough to be sitting in the front row -- not that much farther away than the screen you…

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Crepe Suzette, Rhubarbara Pie and Cheese Blintzes!

A few months ago, Jacques Russell Trio performed in the back room of Free Times Cafe, after which proprietor Judy Perly said, "You're really good... and I don't say that too often!!! You should come back!"

Judy's opinion counts…

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It's not all about us!

Did you know that musicians are among the biggest consumers of live music? Well, when you think of it, that stands to reason. Barbara and I have tons of musician friends. Not only do we go out simply to support…

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