The Story of Andrew Wyeth and Helga Testdorf

One the best-known painters in America in the mid-1900's was Andrew Wyeth. He painted the people and landscapes around him, mostly near his home in rural Pennsylvania and his summer home in Maine. In 1986, a series of over 247…

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Kiss the Rock!

‘Kiss the Rock’ is an expression that comes from canoeing/kayaking. It refers to paddling a whitewater river and hitting a rock broadside. Most people’s instinct would be to lean away from the rock, but the correct thing to do is…

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This One's Mine... and yours!

I have been running momondays – an event focused on personal storytelling – since 2012. Pre-pandemic, we were in 16 cities across North America. During that time, I personally saw the transformative power of personal storytelling.

That’s what inspired this…

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Let the Wild Orchids Grow!

Imagine bashing together The Gambler, Mr. Bojangles, and Born to be Wild. Hear it unfold in my latest single, “Let the Wild Orchids Grow.”

Every year, I go on a week-long motorcycle ride with a bunch of guys. We’ve traveled…

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Don't Look Behind!

“When you have the time you don’t have the money, and when you have the money, you don’t have the time.”   

That phrase popped into my head and I blurted it out to the three dogs I was walking along…

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Improv in Practice

How a 'yes, and...' mindset made us the heroes at a private concert. 

My band was hired to provide the entertainment at a birthday party. Yes, we were all double vaxxed and yes, it was outside, and yes, we maintained…

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