This One's Mine!! Proof that you really can change limiting beliefs...

When I was in grade 6, I had a very bad relationship with a guitar. 

I wanted to learn to play, so my parents borrowed a really nice guitar for me to practice with, and arranged for lessons. On talent day at school, I was excited and nervous to perform an original composition... But when my performance was done, I was convinced that all my classmates hated it, (and me), and they made fun of me behind my back. A few weeks later, the guitar fell off a chair and broke. 

Funny how things happen. 

Today, I get gigs at house concerts, private parties, bars around town, retirement homes.... and people really seem to like what I bring to the stage – how I blend music and storytelling. 

What difference a change in limiting beliefs can make, right? 

And this summer, I’ll be going into the studio to record 10 recent songs I’ve written. 

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