Kiss the Rock!

‘Kiss the Rock’ is an expression that comes from canoeing/kayaking. It refers to paddling a whitewater river and hitting a rock broadside. Most people’s instinct would be to lean away from the rock, but the correct thing to do is to lean over toward the rock and allow the current to lift the boat toward one side or the other. 

In life, we can try to resist the obstacles and challenges in our way, or we can Kiss the Rock to embrace our challenges, and let them push us forward.


Today is the release of my full-length album called, 'Kiss the Rock'. It's really good, (and that's not just me saying that). It's been described as musical journeys that dig deep into the human experience, with ear worm worthy melodies and quirky, intelligent lyrics -- combining the lyrical sensibilities of Leonard Cohen, the musical styling of Jason Isbell, and the vocal versatility of Billy Joel.

  • Don't Look Behind: This was the first single from the album... an upbeat tune all about taking things as they come, (whether you like it or not!)
  • Let the Wild Orchids Grow: The second single released from the album. Imagine a cross between The Gambler, Mr. Bojangles, and Piano Man. Ok then... 'Gotta live the life you choose, and choose the life you live.' 
  • The Road: Yes, it's about the road... But like many of my songs, it's also not about the road.
  • Butterflies are Like that: Fun song with a deeper meaning about the stuff we make up in our heads about what's real and what’s made up. (Hint, it’s all made up!)
  • Helga’s Song: One of the best-known painters in America in the mid-1900's was Andrew Wyeth. In 1986, a series of over 247 paintings and illustrations were 'discovered' -- all of them of his neighbour, and all without the knowledge of either his wife or her husband.
  • One More Thing to Prove: Maybe you know someone like this?
  • West Gwillimbury: Where do you go, if you don't know where you're going? Where do you live? If you don't know how you're living?
  • Bitter End: When you were a kid, and you looked at your parents, and you thought surely when I get that age, I'll have my life together. But you don't, and that's the irony, because that would be the bitter end.
  • Is this Love?  Medieval battles were horrific and brutal.  And maybe, a little like... love? Epic.
  • This One's Mine: I created momondays in 2012. momondays is an event that celebrates our personal stories of challenge and triumph. This song is totally inspired from what I heard and saw over the past 11 years... and the incredible power that the stories of our lives have. The power to keep us stuck, the power to free us, and the power to heal others. Shout it out!

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